Friday, October 1, 2010

Creative things to do with Apples during this yummy APPLE Season!!!

1. Fried apples...little bit of butter in a pan- cored, pealed apples...sugar and cinnamon- YUM!
2. Make an apple wreath with thick sliced apples
3. Let an apple get old on your counter ( it won't mold). turn it into an old lady for halloween
4. Dried apple slices will deter ants- put them on your counter or wherever ants are
5. Make a yellow cake mix according to the box. Cut up apples and sprinkle on top then sprinkle some sugar and cinnamon- another SUPER easy recipe!
6. Spice cake according to box and apple pie filling. on Microwave for 6 minutes. Drizzle with caramel.
7. Taffy Apple Pizza using a sugar cookie base
8.Here's my favorite apple pie recipe:Filling:4-5 apples1/2 cup of sugar3/4 tsp. of cinnamonDutch top crust:1/3 cup sugar3/4 cup flour6 tsp. of sugar.Fork crust ingredients and crumble on top. Bake at 400 for about 35 -40 minutes.
9. Make homemake applesauce.
10. Make your homemade or storebought apple sauce silly for your kids by adding a drop of different colored food coloring before you serve it.
11. Apple pancakes
12. Apple painting nad stamping...cut so you see the star
13. Honeycrisp apples- just bite and enjoy!
14. use apples to decorate. wash and dry. If you want them super shiny, add a tiny bit of veggie oil to a clean rag and shine your apples. Put in a bowl on your dinner table or coffee table. Intermix with leaves and put on your mantle.
15. Find one perfect apple and give to your child's teacher
16. Visit a local apple orchard
17. Do your own apple tasting at home
18. Have an apple meal...pork chops or chicken with baked apples, applesauce, apples on your salad or in bread, dessert!
19. Sory apples with your kids by color, size, shape, stems or no stems, leaves or no leaves, etc.
20. Turn an apple into a Mr. Potato head by adding eyes, ears, and other face features
21. Make caramel apples
22. make mini caramel apples or chocolate apples. Take a mellon baller and scoop out small apple balls from your apples. Put on a kabob skewer. Dip in caramel or chocolate. Let harden. USe p-nuts or sprinkles, etc to decorate.
23.Apple bobbing at home
24. Polka dot apples. Take two apples of different colors and use a mellon baller to scoop out apple. Switch the balls from the apples and put in the other apple ( red apple with green dots or vice versa)
25. paint two paper plates red, staple together with rice or beans inside, add a green pipe cleaner to make an apple shaker

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