Member Testimonials

"I love our group. I have always felt so welcome. It's great to be able to get together with other moms and just relax. When I miss a group meeting, I really feel like I've missed a lot. I cannot say enough about how wonderful this group is - - I've had more support during this one year than I've ever have with many of my friends."

"I have had a very enjoyable experience this year. I was "living under a rock" before my son began preschool, and now, I have friends and plans and a much fuller life! This year has helped me realize that I need to re-fuel myself in many areas that have been untapped since having two children. I have a renewed sense of self - and spirit - as well as a new hope and perspective for myself and my family."

"The Mom's Group has been a wonderful experience! Our group has become an extended family for me. I've never missed a meeting and I always look forward to our times together. Laughing, crying and just sitting with my friends is so helpful to me and keeps me going!"

"I suffer from clinical depression - this group has served as a real life-line for me. It is impossible to remain depressed around these women. They are welcoming and warm...I can't imagine being without The Mom's Group; they keep me grounded."

"Our mom's group has offered a wonderful opportunity for me to 're-fuel' through the month. Not only do I get my personal fill, but the benefits spill-over onto my family. The positive energy, care and support lifts me and carries me to the next meeting/gathering. What an amazing blessing our group has been to my family and myself."

"I love you all! Thanks for your acceptance and being a part of my "mommy" family!"

" I just want to say what a joy this year has been and I really appreciate it. This group has been my refuge and "detox" from stress...thanks so much!"

"This group of women is such a blessing. We have a wonderful array of personalities and each one has been supportive and accepting. Our speakers have been interesting and relevant to our roles as mommies. I have made many good friends who I could call anytime for help or support. My spirit has has been comforted and I have grown so much as a woman, wife and mother."