Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Fest

Today was The Fall Fest for TMG at Lodge Park. What a perfect day to gather families and be together.
Daddies and Daughters....
Mommies and sons.....many gathered to enjoy some fellowship together
Kathy created an amazing scavenger hunt for us that sent families all over the park on the search for some very interesting and spooky things
The Fairs looked high and low
Kim and her little boy found a witches mode of transportation
The O'Linc boys and mom found the most stuff- way to go!!!
Bobbing for apples was enjoyed my many kids
And the hay-rack ride was a huge hit!
Amara gets help from a friend as kids of all ages played and played and played
Parents and kids played in the sand, played football, played on the play structures, played bags, and played and played and played
Others relaxed by the fire and met new friends.
What a wonderful day it was!

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