Friday, September 17, 2010

Cheap Date Nights!

The key to date nights with your sweetie is TO HAVE THEM!!!! No matter what, make sure you set time aside to reconnect with each other. A few minutes everyday or once a week or once a month or whatever works for you- just do it and stay committed to you. It will make a huge difference.

Here are some ideas for cheap, creative dates with the one you love! Most of these are Free OR $10 or less!

1. Take your kids to your friends' house, rend a red box or blockbuster video and eat chinese
2. Share a hobby, riding bikes, running, antiquing, movies, whatever.
3.Turn off the TV and talk after the kids go to bed
4. Fondue's a long process and you have to wait and listen and sit while your food cooks- gives you an excuse to talk and just be ( Katie FUlton has a pot if you want to borrow)
5. Go on a hike at Allerton...maybe even kiss or makeout in the woods!
6. Do dishes together...or some sort of household can make anything special if you do it together.
7. Go on a bike ride together
8. have sex. Seriously- it will make him happy and something it just needs to be done
9. Sit outside and have a drink ( ice tea works great) after the kids go to sleep. Sometimes just getting out of the house, even if it's on your porch makes you feel like you've done something.
10. Every Sunday look at your calendar and pick one day that week for an US night. Mark it on the calendar with a heart and stick to it- no matter how big or small. Take turns planning. if it's his turn, it's his turn- no judgements- just enjoy!
11. Get a babysitter for an hour or so and walk to the pub for a beer and some conversation...or DQ for icecream...or Brown Bag for get the picture
12. Talk to 3 or 4 friends and work out a babysitting exchange just for cheap date nights like this---even if it's for an hour from 6-7 PM or having a friend come to your house and watch tv for an hour after you get the kids down. You'll do the same for them happily. Send out an e-mail to TMG- someone will do it of they know you'll do it for them ( katie will do it anytime- just ask!)
13. Make your time at home alone special..don't sit on the coach but spread a blanket on the ground. Pop some popcorn. Do something different and new!
14. gps decive scavenger hunt!
15.another hunting game
16. ( great and SUPER creative date nights)
17. Just BE together but be sure to be present and enjoy your time together

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