Friday, October 1, 2010

The Moms Group is a Sweet Retreat!

First we made them, then we all got to enjoy them!

On September 19th, Katie, Kathy, Sandi, Kristi, Cara, and Jenn gathered at the Methodist Church to turn Kathy's vision of "sweet" centerpieces into a reality. We had SO MUCH FUN doing it!

These are made from baby socks!

and diapers

and washcloths and toilet paper rolls
and yarn
and gumdrops! yesterday's meeting, Kathy ( and friends) beautifully arranged them as the new permanant centerpieces for the year at our TMG meetings. If a meeting has a theme and the hosts want to do something special for it, they can change the centerpieces. if not- these gorgeous designs will allow us to remember how sweet our lives our and how sweet it is to be at TMG twice a month to celebrate being moms!
This is the candy table...
The cake table....

The icecream table....
and the chocolate table....
What a delicious year this will be!!!!

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