Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ways to Organize your winter gear ( hats, gloves, scarves,etc)

1. Hang two cup hooks on the back of a door with a string between and use clothes pins to hang hats and gloves.

2. Use an over the door shoe organizer inside a closet to hold winter gear. In the summer switch it to sunglasses, sunscreen and hats.

3. Hang hooks at kid height for backpacks and coats.

4. Use a wall hanging file folder holder for kids to put their papers from school in - one folder per kid.

5. Store winter gear in a diaper stacker or laundry sorter.

6. Use a bookcase to hold shoes - boots on the bottom shelf.

7. Use a hanging closet rod extender to add more usable closet space that is easy for kids to reach

8.We use those cloth baskets from Walmart to store the hats and gloves and put them in the coat closet on the floor. Then we hang backpacks on hooks outside the closet...



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