Childcare is available for children ages 1 through kindergarten at every meeting. We do our very best to provide a loving environment with responsible, capable caregivers. However, in the event that a childcare worker is ill, a Team Leader or group member may be asked to volunteer time in the nursery.

Infants are welcome to remain with moms in our meeting room until they are 12 months old. However, if your infant gets fussy during a meeting, please excuse yourself -to calm your child- as a courtesy to others.

What to bring:
  • Diaper bag: Each child should have his/her own bag containing everything that he/she might need while you are in a meeting
  • Sippy cup or bottle: Sippy cups will only be allowed during snack times and bottles will be given according to mother’s instructions. Please make sure that cups and bottles are clearly labeled to avoid confusion
  • Diapers: Please bring at least 3 diapers/“Pull-Ups” until your child is fully potty trained
Guidelines for moms:
  • Drop Off: Please drop off children between 8:45 and 9:10 am but if your child needs some “transition time” please allow for this time in your schedule
  • Sign your child “in” and attach your child’s name label before leaving the nursery
  • Please remind childcare workers of any special needs that your child may have
  • You will be notified by childcare providers if/when you are needed - for example, if your child continues to cry for more than 10 minutes.
  • Pick up: Please be sure to sign-out your child after every meeting
  • If your child is sick or has a temperature, please use alternate childcare
Discipline Guidelines:

We understand that perspectives/parenting styles vary widely and have developed the following guidelines to suit the majority. Strict adherence to these guidelines is expected from our childcare workers and any deviation will be cause for dismissal.

  • We will be in control of our own emotions—modeling good behavior in positive ways
  • We will praise the child for the desired behavior, showing appreciation of positive efforts
  • We will never use physical punishment. If a child needs discipline, we will utilize a time-out system only after the care provider has tried to re-direct the child’s attention
  • We will strive to be consistent– setting classroom standards and following them with every child
  • We will strive to be observant—watching for potential conflicts and stepping in when necessary
  • We will forgive and forget
  • Based on the discretion of the Lead Teacher, children who exhibit disruptive misbehavior (if the child is dangerous to himself/others) will be removed and taken to his/her mother