Friday, September 17, 2010

Cheap Date Nights!

The key to date nights with your sweetie is TO HAVE THEM!!!! No matter what, make sure you set time aside to reconnect with each other. A few minutes everyday or once a week or once a month or whatever works for you- just do it and stay committed to you. It will make a huge difference.

Here are some ideas for cheap, creative dates with the one you love! Most of these are Free OR $10 or less!

1. Take your kids to your friends' house, rend a red box or blockbuster video and eat chinese
2. Share a hobby, riding bikes, running, antiquing, movies, whatever.
3.Turn off the TV and talk after the kids go to bed
4. Fondue's a long process and you have to wait and listen and sit while your food cooks- gives you an excuse to talk and just be ( Katie FUlton has a pot if you want to borrow)
5. Go on a hike at Allerton...maybe even kiss or makeout in the woods!
6. Do dishes together...or some sort of household can make anything special if you do it together.
7. Go on a bike ride together
8. have sex. Seriously- it will make him happy and something it just needs to be done
9. Sit outside and have a drink ( ice tea works great) after the kids go to sleep. Sometimes just getting out of the house, even if it's on your porch makes you feel like you've done something.
10. Every Sunday look at your calendar and pick one day that week for an US night. Mark it on the calendar with a heart and stick to it- no matter how big or small. Take turns planning. if it's his turn, it's his turn- no judgements- just enjoy!
11. Get a babysitter for an hour or so and walk to the pub for a beer and some conversation...or DQ for icecream...or Brown Bag for get the picture
12. Talk to 3 or 4 friends and work out a babysitting exchange just for cheap date nights like this---even if it's for an hour from 6-7 PM or having a friend come to your house and watch tv for an hour after you get the kids down. You'll do the same for them happily. Send out an e-mail to TMG- someone will do it of they know you'll do it for them ( katie will do it anytime- just ask!)
13. Make your time at home alone special..don't sit on the coach but spread a blanket on the ground. Pop some popcorn. Do something different and new!
14. gps decive scavenger hunt!
15.another hunting game
16. ( great and SUPER creative date nights)
17. Just BE together but be sure to be present and enjoy your time together

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mommy Rhapsody

This video was shared at our first TMG meeting-So FUN!

The First TMG Meeting of the Year!!!!

Today was the first meeting of the year for The Moms Group of Monticello. We were in our new space at Crossroads Church and in our new room for TMG. There was lots of getting to know you and TMG, lots of clipboards and sign-ups, opportunities to share and reconnect and lots of fun!

As a getting to know you game, members had a piece of the puzzle they had to match up with someone else's and then form the bigger puzzle together. Moms enjoyed introducing themselves to new friends and old and working together to make it all work!
There are new changes this year- new leadership, new schedule, new childcare, small groups, and more.
Melinda is back as our amazing mentor with her inspiring and uplifting devotionals.Leah and Aaron sang a beautiful song for us too.
And the great thing about TMG....we are all moms! We multi-task by strapping babies to our chest so we can get it all done!

What a wonderful start! See you at our next meeting on September 16th!

Creative Ways to Discipline your Children in Public.

How to Discipline Your Kids In Public

Disciplining our kids in public has now become a huge hurdle. The few have ruined it for the many. There's nothing worse than to be eating in a restaurant and hearing an out of control child screaming while the parent does nothing. As a parent you may feel like your hands are tied and you're not sure what you can and can't do. The kids know this and will push you to see how far they can go because they don't think you'll do anything. Don't fret! There are a few things that you can do!

1. Most kids will freeze with this technique.
Place your hand gently at the back of the child's neck. It's similar to grabbing an animal by the scruff and in the same manner, it shows authority. No, our kids aren't animals but as humans our nature can be very animalistic. Trust me, this works and it's a great way to get your kids attention. You don't have to squeeze either!!!

2. Kneel down at their level if you need to.
Get the child to look at you when speaking to them. It's a form of respect that they need to learn anyways. When you're done speaking, ask them to repeat back to you so you know that they heard you.

3. Most kids will snap to attention with this one.
One trick is to kneel down in front of the child and to grab a pinch of their inner thigh. It's a very sensitive area so you don't need to actually pinch them, but it will get their attention very quickly. If they scream, and make sure your not really pinching them please, at least the people around you will have no idea and have no reason to interfere. Again, get the child to look at you when you are speaking to them. Especially moms. Moms have a natural mad mommy look that will get the kids attention.

4. It's more effective to have them face the corner instead of have their back to it.
You can always find a corner in any public place and make them stand in it with their nose to the corner. If they're physically fighting with you, try step 1 above while they are in the corner, and with your other hand hold on to theirs behind their back. There's something about being in public and getting disciplined that kids really hate, it's humiliating to them, especially if they're older and their friends might walk by and see them. It's a good humiliation though, one that will prevent them from acting up again.

5. Ignoring the kids behavior doesn't cut it.
If you're stuck in a car and the child is acting up, pull over in a safe place so that you can deal with it properly. For some reason the kids seem to think that we won't pull the car over so they just push parents' buttons because they can get away with it. The look on their face is priceless when you stop the car to turn around and deal with them. Believe me, try it and see it for yourse

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Discipline kids in public places by having a plan before you leave the house. How many times have you seen this in a grocery store or department store? A grown adult is allowing a child to misbehave and act out in public. Screaming and rolling on the floor. If you agree that there is something wrong with this picture then you need this article.It will give you step-by-step instructions for how to discipline your kids in public places.

5. Explain to your child before you leave the house that misbehaving will not be tolerated. Discipline your kids in public places by communicating.

6.Pack a favorite toy for your child in order to distract them while you are trying to get your shopping completed.

6.Remind your child that they are not to misbehave when you reach the store and before you walk inside. Discipline your kids in public places by sticking to a plan.

7.Show your little one a list of the items that mommy or daddy plan to purchase while shopping.

8. When you enter the store, find a customer service representative and ask them to tell your child there is no screaming allowed in the store.

9. Avoid walking down aisles with toys and candy to keep your child's attention.

10. When you see other children misbehaving, explain to your child that the behavior is unacceptable.

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How to Deal Witha Toddler Throwing a Tantrum in public

Toddlerhood is an exhausting stage. A almost verbal child with very large ideas of what they want and no understanding of why they can't have it.

11.Take a big deep breath and remember this is only a tantrum and it too will pass.

12.If you are in a public place, pick up your child and go somewhere quiet if at all possible. Feeling like people are watching never helped any parent deal with a tantrum. But do remember most people are sympathetic, they have had their own toddler' s with tantrums. The only judgmental group I encounter is first time parents of 1 year olds who just haven't got there yet and can't imagine it. Don't worry their time IS coming.

13. Once you are away from the crowd. Relax your child is going to yell and kick for a little bit. It won't hurt them and it really won't hurt you. You can offer them a snack or water but other than that don't try to reason. Soft Soothing word are best but don't really end the tantrum. They Do let your child know you are there and aren't abandoning them to their awful emotions. Toddlers are often a little frightened at how powerful their emotions are during a tantrum.

14.Keep in mind a tantrum is not fun for your child. It is a breaking point of frustration that what they are trying to do isn't working. For example they asked for a piece of candy but someone said no. Why didn't asking work? They don't know and don't care. They are frustrated. When they try their next step like asking louder or again. There is more frustration. Until it is just overwhelming. Then you get a toddler tantrum.

15. Try to prevent them. When you have an over tired toddler let them go somewhere quiet for a little while. It will help. Don't let them get hungry. Have a health (or even unhealthy in a pinch) snack available to them bananas and apples are easy to carry. So are cheerios. These small things really help to stop a tantrum before it starts.

16. Know there are no magic techniques just desperate parents and tantrum throwing toddlers and the occasional distraction that works the one or two times. But really this stage will end and you can smile the next time you see someone in the same situation.

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17. Gice hugs before scolding. make sure they feel safe and know you love them.

18. Be consistant. if you time out at home, time out in public.

19. If your kid gets in trouble because they were using their hands wrong, have them hold their hands about their head or put their hands on top of their head while they walk around the store or location in public. If they backtalked or used their words inappropriately, they have to literally hold the tip of their tongue while they walk around.

20. Bribery

21. Leave the store- follow through. if you said you were going to leave- leave.

22. Talk about what your doing and what your expectations are before you go anywhere.

23. For a strong-willed child- remove from the situation and pay no attention to the fit throwing. When they calm down, give lots of attention to them.

24. "Going out is a priviledge. It's easier to stay home. If you want to go out, you have to behave."