Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TMG's First Ever Mommy/Son Event

Today was our first ever Mommy/Son event and it was WONDERFUL! I loved my time with just my son and had a great time with the other moms too!

We started at Dairy Queen for an icecream treat. I tried to save seats and these two sweet older women say down near us. I told them that we were having a mommy/son event and it might get loud. Her response, "I raised 5 boys- loud doesn't bother me!"

Then we headed to the bowling alley for some competition. Mommies were on one lane and the boys were on the other.

Kristi and Mason

Kathy and Cole
Sandi and Ethan

Andrea and Liam

Sandi and Caleb
Sandi and Westin

Moms battled it out with their sons!
The boys crouched around the computer checking out the scores and cheering on their moms and their new friends.
Katie and AlaricMoms, Kristi and Kathy had their own battle with their iphones and their lightsabors ap that really makes noise when you move your phone ( the boys thought it was so cool)Kim and Andrew and ThomasWe LOVE our boys!!!!!!!!!!

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