Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mommy/Daughter Event

Tonight was the first ever Mommy/Daughter Event for TMG and it was a sleepover/Girls Night IN theme!

TONS of mommies and daughters came out to listen to girly music, do crafts, eat, and watch a picture slideshow!

We all loved wearing our pajamas too!

Just the daughters!

Katie and Amara

Lori & KateTracy & Alison
Emily & Danielle
Kandace, Kaitlyn, Audra, and Megan
Andrea and Ellie
Kathy and Cora
Kathy and Maggie
Cara and Emmerson

Melissa and Alyssa
Stacy and Grace
Jenn and Elizabeth
Meghan and Jessica and Charlotte
Cookie decorating
Making door hangers and bracelets
Painting nails
An icecream sundae bar before watching a picture slideshow
Dance party during cleanupLots of memories !
Girls RULE!!! TMG Moms love their daughters!

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