Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to Combat the Winter BLAHs for yourself and your kiddos!

1. Re-arrange stuff! Sometimes you just need a new perspective on your home and thus your, toys, you name it!

2. Get dressed! Don't stay in PJs or sweatpants! Put on jeans or something that has a waistline. Wear lace-up shoes while you are at home. Not only will it "professionalize" your career at home but also keep you focused on getting things done!

3. Make it a theme day at your day ( everyone wear red, do red crafts, eat red food), beach day ( swimsuits and beach towels, beach music, swimming in the bathtub)

4. Embrace it! Sometimes you DO NEED A BREAK!! TAKE IT!! Give yourself a lazy/snuggle in day so you have the energy and the emotions to be the best mommy/wife you can be!

5. Hold yourself accountable. Schedule atleast one "HAVE TO" a day so you are sure to get something accomplished!

6. Have a picnic inside. Have lunch or dinner on a tablecloth on the floor

7. get the sleeping bags and the tent and put them up! Camp out during the day or after school in the living room!

8. have popcorn for dinner-corn is a vegetable,right?

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