Friday, August 6, 2010

Meet Our New Space! Crossroads Church!!!!

Meet The Moms Group new home- Crossroads Church off of Monticello Road.

We have our own large parking lot. Pull up and head right under the covered path to the front door!
All our welcome! We can't wait to see you again or meet you for the first time!
When you enter, you'll see you walk into a large, open fellowship area. Each meeting we will have a table set up close to the front door with our bulletins, handouts, nametags, and anything else you need for the meetings.
This wonderful area is ours for our pre-meeting fellowship. Tables, chairs, comfy couches, books to look through and check out, and space for our food. On the left side of this picture you'll see a counter with a yellow top. There's a kitchenette right behind it.
This will become our HUB- the place for us to put our delicious breakfast foods and snacks to enjoy together. TMG is trying small groups this year and The Leadership Team is so excited for this opportunity to allow our members to get to know each other better. Each group will be assigned a meeting sometime during the year to bring refreshments to share. Simply set out what you brought before the meetings, and let everyone devour it!This is Crossroad's Youth room and will be the central location for most of our meetings. We'll add some more round tables and chairs and gather here for speakers, topics, discussions, round tables, and more. This room opens up to the nice fellowship area so fussy babies can move to a larger area and moms can still be involved, members can continue to graze on food, and we have a very open feel! Plus, we have that awesome screen for our speaker's powerpoint presentations, etc.
This is Crossroad's santuary. While this space will not be used often by our group for meetings, if we have a movie and discussion we want to view in here or have a powerful speaker who needs more room, this space can also be utilized by us- maybe another Family Event Movie Night will be in here too this year!
This is a picture of the wide open area behind the church. Picture us sitting out there on a beautiful morning or watching our kids running and playing and doing activities while we enjoy some mommy time!
Off the main fellowship area, you can enter into the Children's area. There are two rooms, one for 6 mos- 3 year olds and one for 3-5 year olds.
This is the preschool room! Each meeting the older kids will enjoy free play, arts and crafts, an organized activity, and snack in this beautiful, bold space!

The nursery is a child's dream come true. These children will also enjoy snack, activities, and lots of great toys!

Each childcare room also connects to the outside where they each have their own access to this great little playground! We want our kids OUTSIDE and running and playing ( and getting tired) as much as possible. Now, the childcare providers can take them out whenever they want!

The new space is great but what's even better is the incredible things The Moms Group is doing this year! New topics, new speakers, new special events, including Mommy/Son and Mommy/Daughter events, a new meeting format, and lots of new faces!
Take a Fresh, New Look at TMG!

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  1. EXCELLENT JOB Katie & Brian!! Thank you for the time and energy you put into this blog!
    ~Kathy Fair